by Susie Reade

Susie Reade

Susie Reade is particularly interested in oddities. She enjoys animals moving in a quirky way; people trampolining; smart women with strange dogs and the very pregnant. She enjoys every day scenes that highlight different ways of thinking or practical tasks completed in a way that is out of the ordinary. Her close observation of figures can render them like demons or like angels.

Susie always works from drawings. These are often quick sketches using pencil, charcoal or ink on paper, cardboard or wood. Her style is loose and lively. However, these ‘notes’ have to contain considerable detail as they form the raw material for her prints. She explores her themes further using various media; collage or paint.

Susie uses different types of printmaking techniques to play with her raw material. This is usually screenprinting and collagraph prints. Most of her screenprints are made in a style similar to her painting method. She builds up many translucent layers of colour. Some of her prints have twenty or thirty layers. She sees each print as a chance to experiment. The process feels to her more like painting than printmaking in that she experiences a period of struggle and chaos before reaching a resolution. Her collagraph prints are made in an effort to simplify the print process and to predict the end result. Seldom are more than two prints identical, as all are hand made and in short varied editions. They are very colourful and aim to embody the essence of her initial excitement in the subject.