Yesterday?s Tears

by Paul Charlton
  • Medium: Screenprint

Paul Charlton

I am interested in exploring printmaking techniques to create three dimensional works and printing onto different media other than paper.

I primarily use wood as a surface medium: screenprinting, etching, embossing, applying paint/photographs as appropriate. The presentation of the finished piece of art is very important to me, with framing given as much attention as the image. Creating a solid, three dimensional artwork is a major part of my process and helps to blend the boundary between the visual and tactile. I am inspired by momento mori, religious reliquaries, Victorian curiosities, oddities and side shows, and the craftsmanship that has gone into their creation. I endeavor to make objects that have a beauty and mystery, that will intrigue people and allow them to create their own personal story.

I have always been inspired by the technical aspect of making art, whether that be printmaking, sculpture, set building or photography and have contrived to bring these aspects together: for me, the craft involved in making the finished work is as important as the creation of the initial idea or sketch.


Paul Charlton graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a degree in Sculpture. After graduating, working in theatre, designing and building sets, then going on to study furniture making & restoration.
Paul is currently working with photography & print making, blending it with his sculpture, theatre and furniture making skills to create unique works of art.

Works held in private collections - United Kingdom, France, America and Australia.

Work by Paul Charlton