What Do We Learn From All Th1s?

Date: 3 - 20 September 2019

Price: Free

Scotland’s WW1 story is set to be told from the perspective of 100 young artists from across the country as part of an innovative new installation, announced by WW100 Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Parliament.

Students as young as 14 have contributed pieces for the exhibition, entitled “What Do We Learn From All Th1s?”. It will combine traditional printmaking with innovative technologies to tell 100 stories gathered from all corners of Scotland.

The matrices used to develop each of the artists’ 100 unique prints will be mounted on wooden plinths arranged in a map of Scotland, with augmented reality technology allowing visitors to explore each of the stories in detail with an iPad.

Facilitated by the Scottish Print Network, which comprises five print studios in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness, the project marks the culmination of Scotland’s WW1 centenary programme.

The exhibition will open at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 3 September, where it will be on display until Friday 20 September. Entry is free. Further plans for it to tour throughout Scotland are in progress.

For more information behind this exhibition, click here.