Enter Mohammad Barrangi’s fantastical world, populated by magical creatures and inspired by ancient Persian storytelling.


Mohammad Barrangi’s work combines elements of Persian calligraphy, storytelling, text, and touches of humour. Using contemporary printmaking techniques, along with traditional calligraphy and handmade paper practices, Barrangi's finished works emulate ancient manuscripts in both color and texture.


As well as incorporating small pieces and large scale murals for this exhibition, for the first time his fantastical characters will be brought to life as life size free standing forms within the gallery space at Edinburgh Printmakers!

Born without the use of his left arm, Barrangi works on the floor and uses his feet to steady his work while he's cutting or printing. Reflecting his own experience as an artist with a disability, his works often show images of people with lost arms, limbs or other disabilities as well images of women that he admires.

Mohammad Barrangi was born in Rasht, Iran, 1988. He is both an artist and medal winning international athlete with a disability in his left hand though he believes it is by no means a stymying limitation. He uses his hand and leg to make his prints. After studying art he moved into book illustration graduating from the Islamic Azad University of Tonekabon in 2011, majoring in graphic design. He has since exhibited internationally, won numerous illustration awards and has recently had two works acquired by the British Museum. He now lives in the UK having left Iran some years ago. Mohammad’s work combines elements of Persian calligraphy, storytelling, text, and touches of humour. Using a unique creative process, with handmade traditional calligraphy pens and a blend of mark-marking styles, he creates both small pieces and often expands these to large scale murals. Mohammad made a School Print for Castle Mills Contemporary at Edinburgh Printmakers, part of the Edinburgh Art Festival (2021).


Made possible with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


  • Mohammad Barrangi is the inspiration for a Creative Europe supported international residency programme In from the Margins. Edinburgh Printmakers is leading this project which will establish a network of print studios for artists with experience of displacement with experience of from refugee and migrant backgrounds in five print making studios across Europe - Cork Printmakers, Ireland, AGA LAB, Amsterdam, International Centre for Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, and Funen Print Making Studio, Odense. Mohammad completed his Master's degree this year at the Royal Drawing School in London. His work is included in the Royal Family collection and a group exhibition at Christie's.