Made at Castle Mills: Members Show 2020 is a brand-new showcase of work created by 40 of our Print Studio members.


Our Viewing Rooms are part of Edinburgh Printmaker’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are supporting artists by offering a platform to present their work while giving audiences the chance to purchase original prints.


The Members Show 2020 features a diverse range of works, from Tess Baxter’s hauntingly atmospheric This Moment Brief to DADA FROST’s strikingly abstract and untitled work in bubblegum pinks and neon citrus shades.


All of the works on sale are original print editions and some are listed as variable editions with small variations in colour and tone.


With our gallery spaces closed by COVID 19, and no opportunity for our members to showcase their work onsite this year, this new Viewing Room offers a vital opportunity to generate income from sales of their prints. There’s never been a more important time to support artists and their work – and whether you’re an established collector or buying your first print we hope you’ll enjoy exploring the works we’ve chosen.


You can buy these works with the help of Own Art, spreading your payments over 10 months interest free  (see the Own Art section on the website for more information).


The Viewing Room has been made possible through the support of the National Heritage Lottery’s Emergency Fund to EP and the support of the William Syson Foundation. We’re grateful for their support.