Edinburgh Printmakers presents Glasgow-based artist Tessa Lynch, whose practice centres on feminist readings of the city, highlighting issues of social reproduction that are often at odds with contemporary art and life. The exhibition promotes alternative building techniques inspired by collaborative play and the natural world, taking its title from a 1986 BBC documentary series which looked at the failures of the modern movement's social housing.


The exhibition production has been supported by the Edinburgh College of Art John Florent Stone Residency Award, the duration of which was disrupted by the pandemic. Instead this residency time was spent at home, developing a series of more lo-fi print techniques alongside her young daughter. Concurrently, much of the imagery and sound for the exhibition originates from a children's workshop run by the artist at Glasgow Sculpture Studios.


Considering her installation an 'expanded print,' the artist responds to the history of the Castle Mills building and the regeneration taking place across Fountainbridge in the present.