Alexandra Haeseker: The Botanist’s Daughter

Date: 18 January - 22 March 2020

Time: Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm

Price: Free

Gallery 1, Castle Mills 

An installation of new contemporary print works by Canadian artist Alexandra Haeseker, drawing inspiration from the rich and bountiful resources of hand-pulled engravings found in Museum and Library collections, illustrating botanical and entomological themes.

The Botanist’s Daughter subverts relationships of scale between the viewer and the plants and insects represented in the exhibition, encouraging us to develop a new paradigm in relating to the natural world, by considering more fully what is often invisible to our eyes, and below our feet.

Haeseker invites us to reflect upon how small changes made to the atmosphere and environment can have drastic and irreversible consequences for ecosystems, highlighting the fragility of the natural world, which is jeopardising the future of our planet and species.

Image credit: The DEEP (Silver), 2014, UV Vinyl Ink on synthetic paper cut-out, 60 x 90 cm 


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