Edinburgh Printmakers has relocated to our new, larger studio, Castle Mills in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.  Opening for use from 1st May 2019, the new studio features enhanced printmaking facilities, more space, more presses and new processes including laser cutting. 

The studio is fully equipped with facilities and expertise in Etching, Screenprinting, Lithography, Relief, Large format Inkjet printing and Laser Cutting. The Double height open-plan light and airy studio is held in two large adjoining spaces and is an enviting, sociable place to work.

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Copper and zinc alternative etching and acrylic-resist, photo polymer and Toyobo photo etching

4 Etching presses:

  • 1x Vari Speed Motorised Takach combination etching press, Bed Size 183 x 100cm, Printable area 160 x 99cm
  • 1x Motorised Grieg etching press, Bed width 76cm, printable area 70 x 90 cm.
  • 1x Motorised Polymetaal JPVE-80 etching press,   Bed width  80 cm, printable area 75 x 115cm
  • 1x Rochat etching press,  Bed width 66 cm, printable area 60 x 76cm.

1 x Electric Hotplate with thermostat 60 x 80cm

Spray compressor and airbrush booth for aquatint

Drying boards

Print rack

Dedicated drawing area


Stone and photo-plate lithography with over 200 stones are available for use, largest stone size 66 x 92 cm.

3 direct motorised presses. Bed sizes:

  • Seggie press 70 x 96cm
  • Takach motorised direct press and 80 x 120cm
  • Takach vari-speed motorised direct press, bed size 60 x 120cm

Hydraulic lift trolley for moving stones
Selection of narrow and wide diameter rollers
Leather nap roller
2x Print racks

2x Lightboxes

Dedicated safelight darkroom for photo- plate exposures


The large combination Takach press can also be used to print plates and stones. Printable area 160 x 100cm

Laser Cutting

1 x 80w HPC Laser cutter with water cooler, BOFA fume filtration unit and 4 wheel rotary attachment. Laser cut 5.3 software driver. Adobe Illustrator for preparing files prior to cutting.

Cuts Paper, fabric, wood, cardboard and acrylic.

Bed size 120 x 90cm

Large Format Inkjet Printing

Museum quality paper printing and acetate printing for printing separations.

2 large format inkjet printers:

  • 1 x Epson 9880, 44”, 110cm large format printer with K3 pigment based Inks
  • 1 x Epson Surecolour SC-P7000, 24” 61cm wide  with Ultra Chrome HDX pigment based inks

2 x 24" iMacs in open access studio for preparing files for printing

1 x Epson Expression 10000 A3 Flat bed scanner. 

A3 x Colour and black and white photocopier / scanner

Relief Printing

Polymetal Hydraulic relief platten press, bed size 80 x 100cm

1 x Proofing press, bed size 45 x 70cm
Selection of rollers and brayers, bench hooks
Print rack

The large combination takach press can also be used to print woodblocks up to 160 x 100cm



Water-based screen inks are used with fine-mesh screens.

5 Vacuum bed presses, all taking screen sizes (outer frame size) 110 x 150 cm:

  • 1 x Kippax Horizontal lift press with manual pressure control
  • 1 x  Kippax standard press
  • 3 x Natgraph standard press

Integrated Natgraph U.V. exposure unit
2 x screen wash out bays with high pressure blasters.
5 x Print racks
2 x Lightboxes
Access to computers and printers for producing print-ready acetates