Selected Prints From the EP Archive

This upcoming exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers reveals more treasures from the vaults as curator Tiffany Boyle selects prints from the Edinburgh Printmakers archive.


Running from 8 April to 26 June, Workshop includes never before seen artworks, exhibition posters produced in-house, and archival objects.


Edinburgh Printmakers is donating 30% of our income from print sales during the opening weekend of ‘Workshop’ to the Red Cross to help with humanitarian aid for people in crisis across the world. Any prints purchased from 6pm 8 April – 6pm 10 April will contribute to this cause.


In an essay commissioned to mark Edinburgh Printmakers 40th anniversary in 2007 art critic John Calcutt noted that 'Edinburgh Printmakers was known as The Printmakers Workshop. Although it has dispensed with the word workshop in its current title, it is in the idea of work that its essence lies. Edinburgh Printmakers works. It works to produce itself; it works to produce printmakers; it works to produce art; it works to produce change. And it all works.'


The word workshop derives from combining work - from the Old English weorc, worc for physical labour, toil, an action undertaken for manufacture or business -  and shop, from the Old English scoppa, abooth or shed for trade or work. When combined as 'workshop' it gains the meaning of gathering together to learn, exchange skills and creatively approach a task. Thus 'Workshop' forms the title for this exhibition across Gallery 1 and 2, bringing together prints of all forms with archival material from Edinburgh Printmakers' collection.  


Focusing on the late-1970s onwards, the exhibition centres on three thematic threads: In Gallery 1, Bold Impressions, a selection of graphic, colourful and experimental work from the archive, accompanied by archival objects and historic exhibitions posters. Gallery 1 concludes with Ditto, a small cohort of artworks selected in pairs from the archive which share common concerns, from referencing historical print methods to sounding the inaudible. In Gallery 2, Texting Voice presents a selection of work from the archive in which artists have used text or responded to fiction, poetry and prose, a notable thread within our archive across our holdings of prints and folios.


Works on show include prints by Eduardo Palozzi, Graham Fagen, Sam Ainsley, Katy Dove, Adrian Wiszniewski, Stan Bonnar, Toby Paterson, Pio Abad, Hardeep Pandhal, Susan Philipsz and Jacqueline Doacnhie. Visitors will also have an opportunity to see archive items including  lithography stone used by John Byrne for his 2014 print Moonstruck.


Speaking ahead of the exhibition curator Tiffany Boyle said, "Whilst it would be impossible to tell the story of Edinburgh Printmakers in a single exhibition, it has been a privilege to spend time recently exploring the archives. Castle Mills is the fourth home of Edinburgh Printmakers, and it has been a real discovery for me to learn about experimental processes, and hear stories of past commissions and collaborations. The exhibition aims to avoid a chronological approach, giving audiences new routes into exploring our archive. There are so many elements to what is created in the studio; works created by members, to artist collaborations and commissions with our studio technicians, and prints that we produce for other arts organisations. 'Workshop' ranges from bright expressive work in print, series of prints that place text firmly in the frame, and a series of pairings putting works from the archive into conversation with one another." 


Chair of Edinburgh Printmakers, Mungo Campbell said: “Since moving to our new home at Castle Mills in 2019 one of the benefits of this wonderful new space has been the ability to properly catalogue, store and care for the invaluable Edinburgh Printmakers archive. As the organisation has grown and moved to new sites across the city over the past fifty years what has remained is the incredible energy and creativity at the heart of the printmakers studio. We are delighted to be able to share this in our gallery spaces as well as giving visitors a snapshot of the importance of Edinburgh Printmakers role in the visual arts in Scotland.”


The opening of Workshop: Selected Works From The EP Archive also coincides with Scotland's Workshops Week which runs in 11 partner art organisations across Scotland from 2 - 9 April. Edinburgh Printmakers will be hosting an Open Day on 9 April, from 11-4pm. 


Edinburgh Printmakers is also delighted to be partnering with The Scotsman on a 12 week print series running from April 9 in the Saturday magazine. The series will feature artists and prints included in Workshop and insights about the print processes used to create them.


We are having a Private View opening night event on the 8th of April from 6-8. This event is free but we are are continuing to restrict numbers, so to book please click the below link.


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28 Mar 2022
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