"Through the EP Spaces initiative our organisation has a space to organise and create our work in the community." - EP Spaces Member


EP Spaces is Edinburgh Printmakers' national network of affordable meanwhile spaces for artists and creative communities. We work with landlords across Scotland, bringing disused shops, offices, and retail units back to life with new purpose and vitality and creating buzzing creative spaces in the heart of towns and cities that can have limited workspaces for creative people.

EP Spaces currently has properties operating in: Aberdeen, Dundee, Dumfries, Grangemouth, Falkirk, Lanarkshire, Livingston, Kilmarnock, and Paisley


We have available spaces in: Lanarkshire (Blantyre - Motherwell - Uddingston), Livingston, Dundee, Glenrothes and Aberdeen


We invite artists, creative industries practitioners, collectives, performers, local festival partners, and arts/wellbeing charities to propose creative uses for our spaces, which are used as private and visible studios, rehearsal spaces, workshops, meeting spaces, residency studios, storage spaces, and research bases. 


EP Spaces are places where people meet, practice, collaborate, and produce. This project contributes to the retention of arts graduates in the cities like Aberdeen, supporting the pipeline of talent and emerging creative businesses. It is generating networking, co-creating and creative bonding between members.

  • "There isn't a space like this in Aberdeen. I struggled to work in my last space due to it being so small and extremely expensive" - EP Spaces Member


    We welcome creative people and groups from any background including new graduates, charities, organisations/ collectives and art festivals looking for extremely low-cost space. EP Spaces was set up to support local communities, animating and transforming each location into a creative hub.


    To arrange a viewing in any of our locations or to request to be put on a waiting list for your area, please fill in this form: 


    Submit Your Interest- EP Spaces


    Please contact Georgina Beard for more information: spacesadmin@edinburghprintmakers.co.uk

  • Are you a landlord with commercial property lying empty in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Paisley?


    We are inviting landlords to get in touch to note interest in working with us in locations across Scotland, to enable us to meet the needs of artists on our waiting list.


    We invite you to get in touch to hear how you can bring your property back to life, support artists, and help build a creative community in your area.


    Please contact Sarah-Manning Shaw for more information: