Looking for a space to let your creativity run free?

EP Spaces has a number of temporary/ ongoing spaces available for creatives to use, for a range of activities such as: studio, research, production, rehearsals, exhibitions, events, teaching, and storage. Our spaces include ex-office, retail and storage style spaces.

EP Spaces invites creatives from any background - new graduates, hobbyists, charities, organisations/ collectives and art festivals looking for EXTREMELY low cost space, in a number of areas across Scotland. EP Spaces were set up to support local communities in transforming and animating each location into a creative hub.

All spaces are entirely self managed and vary from site to site in terms of available amenities. Lighting, electricity, running water, kitchen and toilet facilities are available in many of our spaces, and included in the low cost.



£50 per month
£10 for your yearly EP Spaces membership
+ PPL insurance (this can be purchased via a-n membership for just £38 per year)
Minimum use of 1 month

We want to help YOU realise your creative ambition.

These spaces are temporary, no commercial sales can take place in ANY of our sites, although sales can be made online/ off-site. 

To arrange a viewing or discuss what we have available near you, please contact Anna Thomson, Spaces Coordinator: