About Courses

For 2019, Edinburgh Printmakers have extended the range of our introductory and advanced printmaking classes.

Don’t know which class to choose? Try some of our short  classes, designed to introduce you to new media and explore the wide range of printmaking possibilities.

Our masterclasses offer you an insight on how that particular artist makes the process their own with their own slant on it

Our in-depth weekend and evening classes offer practical training in small groups, led by experienced tutors with time for experimentation within each process.

Course level guide
To help you choose a course to match your level of experience, we have introduced a star rating system to all our courses:

* 1 star: entry level
Easier processes for those new to printmaking

** 2 stars: introduction level
Slightly more involved technique and process suitable for confident beginners

*** 3 stars: intermediate level
Slightly more technical. Some previous experience required

Physical access and the studio environment

Printmaking usually involves some physical activity requiring good mobility, some upper body strength and manual dexterity. Part of the course may be seated but a large portion of the time will be standing and moving. We have some seats and high stools should you need to rest. 


Our courses take place within the main printmaking studio which is a large shared space. The print studio environment can have some background noise when presses are being operated. The lighting is a mixture of daylight and fluorescent tubes. Chemicals and smells from chemicals are kept to a minimum but the print studio can have some odours of inks, detergents and related cleaning products.

If you have any concerns as to whether a particular course is suitable for your needs, please contact us at: studiodirector@edinburghprintmakers.co.uk to discuss your requirements. You may also visit to view our print studio from the gallery window in advance.