Physical access, interpretation and other special requirements

If you require help with physical access, interpretation, or if you have any other special requirements, please contact us in advance of your visit on 01315572479 or at


Welcome by Neatebox
The free Welcome app allows you to request visits to participating venues (including Edinburgh Printmakers), indicating the areas you need customer service to have awareness of and the specific assistance you require. We are notified of your visit request and receive an overview of your condition and top tips to aid your interaction with you. Click the button for more information or to download the app. 

Welcome App


Access to the studio

We can provide additional support for courses, workshops, visits, and day to day studio access. Please get in touch with to see how we can support your specific needs. 


Descriptive tours
We're happy to give free short descriptive tours for people with visual impairments. Please give us advance notice if you'd like a tour. Our exhibition interpretation leaflets are available in large font. Contact for more information.


Assistance dogs
Assistance dogs are welcome.