Member Spotlight: Doreen Boogert

I have been a member of Edinburgh Printmakers for around 8 years. I did a Screenprinting course with Gillian Murray, and joined just after that. I have attended evening classes and summer schools in drawing and painting most of my adult life. I also attended printmaking courses, etching, lino cutting and collograph at Gracefield Art Centre, and a Masterclass with Kate Downie at Glasgow print studio in monoprinting.


I try to visit EP at least once a week, it's a wonderful place to work.


Art has always been important to me. I love visiting Art galleries at home and abroad and realised most artists tried printmaking at some point in their lives. Picasso, Tapies, Piper and Gillies to name but a few. There is so much to learn from Artists/Printmakers.


Monotype seems to suit me. I enjoy wiping off the ink as much as putting it on, I feel I am drawing as I go, also using bamboo and kebab sticks to make marks, and my own cut out stencils. Often I make a print in one go. Mostly I layer the inked perspex sheets up to six times. You can get a second print which is called a 'ghost' print, which would also be a unique print.


My art practice is all about observations, particularly during the changing seasons. The photographs I have chosen here have been printed in the last couple of years at EP. They are all Monotypes. I am interested in wildlife and what you see if you look hard enough.


The moulting Mute Swans came about when my husband and I were walking in our home town of Musselburgh. It was the month of July last year, where the river Esk meets the sea, there was a very large flock of Mute Swans, they were moulting and frantically grooming with feathers flying everywhere. It was quite a spectacle.


The print with the Goosanders was an observation in the winter with three females harassing a male, it just appealed to me.


I thought I would try and experiment with some mark making. I observed some late spring snow on the Moffat hills and this was the result.


The last image is all about a cliff top walk on a windy day at Balcary  Bay on the Solway. I was looking down into the rock pool, the sea was swirling around.


My next project is to try and combine Drypoint with Monoprint. Who knows where that will take me.


7 Jul 2022
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