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Edinburgh Printmakers is thrilled to have been selected to be included in this project by Creative Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.


Funding of up to £20,000 is available to successful Challenge Respondents who will retain all or part of the intellectual property for their work, enabling them to commercialise any products or services they produce. We are envisioning a data-driven, interactive, and site-specific artwork that will respond to the data provided by the community.


The pandemic lockdown had a major impact on our audiences, hindering the ability to build relationships with local people and visitors due to covid-19 restrictions on public spaces.


We would therefore like to find a way to connect with the community in which we are situated. The Fountainbridge area is currently undergoing major regeneration with hundreds of new homes being built, 10,000sqm of office space including a technology hub, shops, and Boroughmuir High School.


Edinburgh Printmakers' Creative Informatics Challenge is to develop an interactive data artwork that will connect them with people living, working and visiting Castle Mills and the surrounding neighbourhood. The aim is to forge new relationships with people through harvesting a data response that drives an innovative, highly visible 'data artwork', expressing Fountainbridge's rapidly evolving transformation as a new go-to place in Edinburgh.


Placemaking is central to the purpose of this challenge which will create a new modality of 'print' experience, 'imprinting' people's local perspectives into a data artwork at Castle Mills and online. Finding a solution to this challenge will enable Edinburgh Printmakers to bring people together to define what they want to get out of their neighbourhood, influencing planners, developers, programmers and community organisations to work together to cater appropriately for peoples' needs.


The artwork could take the form of a data sculpture in Edinburgh Printmakers courtyard, or a data visualisation on the walls of the building, indoors or outside. The team would like to work with a Challenge Respondent to develop a prototype with the potential for further development or scaling up in the future, creating an interactive creative pulse that captures people's perspectives as the neighbourhood evolves.


Deadline: Wednesday 22nd June at 5pm


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17 May 2022
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