Member Spotlight: Scott Baxter

My practice examines queer identity, performativity and imagery created by digital technology, which is now part of creating a person’s visibility in the world. My work responds to historical, and contemporary, queer (in)visibility by subverting our understanding of familiar social allegories to create new altered contexts for queer realities to exist. The work I make often depicts multiple temporalities of bodies in action, bodies in transition and the evanescent experiences touch. My practice employs a multi-disciplinary approach, incorporating photographic studies, printmaking, object making and writing.


For me, making art is way to understand the world around me: how I observe it, how I interact with it and how I am moved by it. I also make art as a form or representation and as a voice for my community. Many queer artists struggle to find a platform to express their identities and experiences of society. I believe it is important to have my queer identity at the centre of my work in the hope that it gives other queer emerging artists the agency to make their own work with confidence in who they are.


I’ve been a studio member at EP since August 2021 when I took a weekend course in screen printing. Prior to this, my only experience of printmaking was classes in relief printing and dry point etching while at art school. However, I’ve always had an interest in printmaking and over the last few years my practice has developed in a way that made sense to explore forms of printmaking. I felt that screen printing had a methodology that aligned with my evolving practice and could take my work in a new direction.


Screen printing allows me to print with translucent layers of pigment that can be overlain multiple times to uncover images with extreme depths of tone creating nuanced ethereal work that reveals itself to the viewer over time.


Later this year I’ll be taking a further course at EP in photo-plate lithography to develop my printmaking practice further.

10 Mar 2022
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