The Vision

Work on Edinburgh Printmakers' new home is underway. Multi award-winning Page Park Architects have designed an inspiring multi-purpose building that is fully accessible and environmentally sound.

Architects’ Statement:

“In the context of history, printmaking sits balanced between the industrial production process of its making and the refinement of its product and viewing audience. Edinburgh Printmakers will, on one hand, acknowledge the historical working legacy and on the other contribute to the new community of residential and commercial activity. The transformation of Castle Mills as a new centre of art production, thinking and presentation has the opportunity to anchor the overall redevelopment in a spirited and exciting way. The restored brick shell will reflect its origins in the life of the city with gritty pragmatism, but opened up in new ways to create a shop window and lens into the activities within. 

A new passage through an arcade onto Dundee Street, passing the gallery frontage, shop and reception, and up half a level within the building circulation tower towards a south facing deli/wine bar conservatory looking over the garden will be a new shortcut through the existing fabric. Hanging off this tower, will be the education space, printmakers studio, shared meeting space and window into the working spaces of the building. The result, we hope, will be a piece of restored history, energised by new contemporary activity in a welcome mix of art in production to be seen and appreciated by all of us, whether as we linger or simply pass through.” — Page Park Architects 

Page Park have been part of a movement to assimilate, nurture and reinvigorate our heritage in recent projects such as the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Clydebank Townhall and Rosslyn Chapel but also historically in previous work at the Centre for Contemporary Arts and the Lighthouse in Glasgow. Most recently, they have been appointed as architects to the Glasgow School of Art restoration project.

External render

Castle Mill Works ariel view