Giving in your will

Support the future of printmaking


When gallery owner Bob Cox first approached artists Phillip Reeves, Roy Wood and Kim Kempshall 50 years ago with the idea of establishing an open-access printmaking studio, little did they realise what their legacy would be. They were simply looking to create a space where they and their fellow artists could create and show their work.

But, because of their passion for printmaking, countless artists have been able to pass through Edinburgh Printmakers' doors, creating new work and improving their skills. Professional artists, print enthusiasts and those of all ages have had the opportunity to learn and experience printmaking to support their practice, for education and for creative enjoyment.

By including a gift in your will, you too, will be helping Edinburgh Printmakers to ensure the practice of printmaking is supported in the years to come. Your gift could:

allow our studio to provide high quality, open-access printmaking facilities for artists 

ensure printmaking skills are passed on to the next generation by nurturing new talent

help to widen access to the arts through our inspirational education activities

allow our galleries to showcase and celebrate the best in contemporary printmaking

help to continue a long tradition of printmaking excellence in Scotland

While we cannot say precisely how your gift may be used in the years to come, we do know your generosity will help to ensure the future of printmaking.

If you are thinking of including Edinburgh Printmakers in your will, please contact in confidence, to speak about how your gift could help.

Useful information:

Edinburgh Printmakers strongly recommend that you visit a qualified solicitor when writing your will. The following details may be needed when it comes to writing your will:

Edinburgh Printmakers Ltd
23 Union Street

Registered charity: SC009015