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Call for papers for the Scottish Society for Art History Study Day 2020

The Scottish Society for Art History is looking for a range of multi-disciplinary papers from a variety of different speakers including academics, independent researchers, practising artists, curators, archivists and conservators.

The Scottish Society for Art History’s Study Day for 2020, which will explore the theme of ‘Scotland and the Americas’ (USA, Canada, Central and South America). The study day will take place on 1 February 2020 in Edinburgh or Glasgow. 

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Collectors of Scottish art in the Americas 

  • Collecting the Americas: acquisition, display and research of art from the Americas in Scottish collections

  • The influence of Scottish art in the Americas, and vice versa

  • New research on Scottish artists with links to the Americas and artists from the Americas in Scotland

The Scottish Society for Art History welcomes proposals for 20-minute presentations for the study day. Speakers will be expected to provide a PowerPoint presentation, with images, to accompany their presentation. Proposals should be in the form of 300-500 word abstracts. The deadline for proposals is 2 October 2019.

Following the symposium, papers will be considered for publication in the 2020-21 volume of the SSAH Journal. If selected by the editorial team, speakers will be requested to adapt their paper into a journal paper of 3000-4500 words, accompanied by up to six copyright-cleared images, to be submitted in April 2019. If you do not wish your paper to be considered for the journal, please let us know at the time of submitting your proposal.

If you have any questions or would like to submit an abstract, contact Claire Robinson on