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The Botanist's Daughter & Photography in Print reviews

We are delighted to read so many great reviews of our two new exhibitions, which launched on Friday 17th of January!

To celebrate the launch, we are sharing some of them with you today.  

The Botanist's Daughter by Alexandra Haeseker

"In its moving and politically stimulating actuality, this exhibition deserves to be praised. The artist achieves her purpose to challenge the anthropocentric modern attitude through a coherent and compelling body of work, which pushes the audience to consider humans as equal if not even inferior elements integrated and dependent in an ecosystem presented in the process of destruction." - reviewsphere

"Printed like billboard posters on a mosaic of adjoining sheets and on the same scale, the individual leaves or plants and indeed insects are then cut out and pinned to the wall. They are not flat against the wall, however, but proud from it. There is space beneath and shadow and the lightness and fragility of the paper is apparent. This fragility reflects her concern with ecology and the impact on plants and insects of impending climate chaos. It also makes a very striking installation." - The Scotsman 

"By wildly exaggerating the scale, and employing near-lurid saturated colour, Haeseker pushes the natural world into the realm of the unnatural, in order to bring attention to the fragility of the natural world, at the mercy of myriad potentially-harmful human influences. The imagery we see in natural history museums of the stilled life of extinct species, many of them minuscule, thus becomes a sobering and highly-visible warning." - Art Mag UK

"Everything is hyper-real, from the scale to the colours: the hues are saturated to an almost lurid degree. Inspired by hand-pulled engravings from museums and libraries, Alexandra has explored botanical and entomological themes to help highlight the fragility of the natural world." - Metro 


100 X FLIES by Alexandra Haeseker


Photography in Print by Kristina Chan, Nick Devison, Itamar Freed, Morwenna Kearsley and Marysia Lachowicz in collaboration with the ACTINIC Festival 

"This exhibition offers a selection of predominantly Scottish-based artists exploring landscape and experimenting photographic techniques. Each of them takes quite a different approach to a similar subject matter, creating a moving exhibition, full of surprises. Personally my favourite pieces were the Beyond the Surface series and Kristina Chan and Itamar Freed’s Dream in Blue as they both left me in awe for conveying a sense of magic and creating a surreal suspended reality by re-framing that which surrounds us. Other works by Morwenna Kearsley, Marysia Lachowich and Nicholas Devison also add valuable accents to the project." - reviewsphere

Dream in Blue by Kristina Chan and Itamar Freed


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These exhibitions will run until the 22nd of March. For more information, see links below. 

GALLERY 1 | The Botanist's Daughter: Alexandra Haeseker

GALLERY 2 | Photography in Print: Kristina Chan, Nick Devison, Itamar Freed, Morwenna Kearsley and Marysia Lachowicz
Part of the ACTINIC Festival's annual programme