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Creative Collaboration: Studio Technician Anupa working with Alberta Whittle on Transparency

In preparation for our gallery 1 exhibition Transparency: Alberta Whittle & Hardeep Pandhal, artist Alberta Whittle worked with several studio technicians in our printmaking studio. Anupa, our Screenprint Technician talks about her experience helping Alberta, and the great collaborations she gets to enjoy through her work in the EP studio.

Describing her experience working with different artists in the EP studio, Anupa talks about how she assists them as a studio technician. “The way I assist each artist really depends on what the artist needs - sometimes they come with preparations and with a clear idea of the project. Alberta had worked with Alastair, our Studio Director, before and therefore she came prepared with a developed idea. She knew what she wanted the finished product to look like and that made it very easy for us to move forward.”

Anupa helped in the preparation for Alberta's screen-printed triptych, called ‘What Sound Does The Black Atlantic Make?’. The title words of the text have been sliced through clear yellow acrylic foregrounding the print in the background – heightening the forms of the image and obscuring it in equal parts. 

Anupa tells us a bit more about working with Alberta; “Catherine, our previous Digital Technician, helped Alberta with lasercutting and I assisted her with screenprinting. We mainly focused on making separations necessary for the many layers involved with Alberta’s prints, and working with photoshop. Working with Alberta was wonderful! It’s great to work with different artists that have completely different projects.” 

Referring to our previous Edinburgh Art Festival exhibition Deer Dancer, Anupa continues; “With artist Hanna Tuulikki for example, it was completely different as she wanted to do embossing. This was great as I got to experiment with a new technique.”

While Anupa works as a Screenprint Technician in the studio, she is also an exhibiting artist with a printmaking style of her own. We asked whether working with Alberta and different visiting artists inspired her in her own work.  

“My work is so different to the projects I get to help with so it definitely develops me technically and makes me a better printmaker. At the end of the day it is their project and we are there to help and provide advice. It is all about the back and forth, the discussions and collaboration.”

Excited to see the final result now showing in gallery 1, Anupa describes her experience working behind the scenes; “You see the print without the whole picture, so when you see the final product it’s always exciting.”


Transparency: Alberta Whittle & Hardeep Pandhal

18 October - 5 January 2020

Guest-Curated by Mother Tongue

Gallery 1


For more information about the exhibition, click here.