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The Condition of the City - EP Digital Residency

We’re delighted to announce the recipients of our Digital Residency: The Condition of the City

Dominika Jackowska
Hsin Shyu
Sharon Ferris
Popular Games (Gordon Douglas & Ben Callaghan)

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Edinburgh Printmakers is offering support to 4 artists at any stage in their careers to research and develop new digital projects. 

With the cancellation of the Edinburgh Festivals, Edinburgh Printmakers is initiating a distanced residency project to reflect our current collective socially and physically distanced situation. Edinburgh's festivals are unique in the world and make the city a global tourism hotspot. In recent years there has been public debate in Edinburgh about the effects of mass tourism and transient populations in the city, for both the local social fabric and wider global issues.

We received a brilliant number of responses to the open call and the sheer scope of the applications was inspiring in these strange and uncertain times. Below you can find information on each artists residency and their areas of research whilst working with Edinburgh Printmakers.

Follow the hashtag #EPDigitalResidency on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with updates from each of their residencies.

Dominika Jackowska


Dominika is a freelance animator and workshop whose #EPDigitalResidency is inspired by the cycle paths and old railway tunnels of Edinburgh which connect the outskirts of the city with its centre. During the COVID-19 lockdown these pathways and arteries have found themselves in even greater use as people have explored their city away from the main roads.

Dominika will examine what these paths and tracks mean to their communities through animation and moving image. The residency will be used to create installations that will be projected onto each real-world location. These projected virtual worlds will be documented through photography and video on a virtual map, offering an art route around the city.

Dominika has most recently exhibited their participatory interactive sound & visual installation piece 2D Bosko-Wakko Light Mixer 3000 at V&A Dundee, The Royal Scottish Academy and Edinburgh Sound Festival 2020.

You can see more of Dominika’s work here:
Pictured: Light+Drawing, Dominika Jackowska


Hsin Shyu

Hsin's #EPDigitalResidency is entitled ‘When the Virus Dies in Sealed Packages’. Hsin’s practice is inspired by the landscape and environmental issues with a keen focus on the observation of time and process. They work using a diverse range of media, including found objects, print, performance and film.

Hsin will explore the importance that face masks have occupied in our lives during the pandemic - the protection they offer, but also the environmental damage that single-use masks will cause. As Hsin used each mask, they came to view them as representing journeys and exploration in the city, experiencing and observing a silent Edinburgh in ways they hadn’t before.

Hsin will undertake 12 walks utilising 12 masks over 4 weeks, carefully storing and sealing the masks after use to physically represent these journeys. The action of sealing representing preservation but also isolation, just like our lives during lockdown.

The storage parcels will be prints created using recycled transparent material printed at home with simple printmaking tools. Images of the work will then be displayed using an interactive map which marks each of the 12 journeys.

You can see more of Hsin’s work here:
Pictured: WeWillAlwaysDecay, Hsin Shyu

Sharon Ferris

Sharon Ferris is an artist whose digital practice explores the relationships between art, science and design. Often utilising augmented or virtual realities to create interactive and immersive human-centred experiences.

With a focus on Edinburgh's Arthur’s Seat, Sharon wants to explore how the rock’s original name ‘St Triduana Seat’ has been lost over generations. To create a unique opportunity to question ideas of public space, feminism and erasure, and how society can work towards a more inclusive historical representation post-pandemic.

Through the use of cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) Sharon will construct a statue that will support human engagement via a mobile device. The new statue will celebrate St Triduana and her lost legacy to Edinburgh city centre accompanied by a 3D rendered printed version of the statue for documentation and archive.

You can see more of Sharon's work here:

Popular Games

Popular Games are utilising their #EPDigitalResidency to research and undertake collaborative working under the title ‘Responsible Industry Players’. Gordon Douglas and Ben Callaghan are the founders of ‘Popular Games’ a new game design studio which aims to work with artists towards queering game mechanics and virtual laws.

‘Responsible Industry Players’ is a term taken from a lobbying document Airbnb submitted to the Scottish Government. Their research will examine the precarious situation that has risen for both Edinburgh residents and casual festival workers as much of the housing market has become dominated or ‘gamed’ by short-term, profit-driven lets.

They hope the research undertaken during their residency will be used ultimately to create and inform the future production of a first-person game, and virtual environment that will stitch together found images from the online directory of Airbnbs in Edinburgh under the guise of a “haunted house” of sorts.

You can see more of Gordon’s previous work here:
Pictured: An Opposites Programme (balloons in the office), Gordon Douglas.