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Heritage Mural at Fountainbridge

Last year, ​we completed a heritage mural at Fountainbridge along the Union Canal. The mural celebrates the heritage of Fountainbridge and of our new building, Castle Mills. Our new home ‘Castle Mills’ was once the headquarters of the North British Rubber Company, part of a factory complex that employed nearly 10,000 people in World War 2.

The mural was created by​ artists from the Blameless Art Collective with local young people. Together with Blameless Art Collective, we ran design workshops with Tynecastle High School, Tollcross Community Centre and Young Saheliya (a charity that supports black and minority ethnic women and girls), in Spring 2018.

The young people created collages using original advertising for some of the many products made by the North British Rubber Company – from the famous wellington boots invented there, to swimming caps, hot-water bottles and flooring patterns. Blameless Art Collective combined imagery from these collages and stencils from rubber mats to create the final mural design. It was painted with the help of students from Boroughmuir and Tynecastle High Schools.

Watch this short movie about the making of the mural. 

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