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EP open call for any Scotland-based artists

Digital Residencies: the Condition of the City
Open call for any Scotland-based artists

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Edinburgh Printmakers is offering support to 4 artists at any stage in their careers to research and develop new digital projects. The selected artists will each be awarded a remote 4-week residency and a bursary of £500 to experiment with digital technologies and new art forms.

With the cancellation of the Edinburgh Festivals, Edinburgh Printmakers is initiating a distanced residency project to reflect our current collective socially and physically distanced situation.

Edinburgh's festivals are unique in the world and make the city a global tourism hotspot. In recent years there has been public debate in Edinburgh about the effects of mass tourism and transient populations in the city, for both the local social fabric and wider global issues.

We would like to invite artists to consider the current condition of the city of Edinburgh and engage with this idea through digital space and web-based practice.

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We are offering: 

 - A 4-week remote residency beginning in July 2020 including
 - £500 bursary for each artist
 - Creative development support from Edinburgh Printmakers’ Programming team
 - Access to practical and technical support from Edinburgh Printmakers
 - Support to expand networks and connect with potential project partners
 - Marketing and support to develop audiences for your work
 - An opportunity to share new digital work created during the residency in the usual Edinburgh Festival period in August 2020.  

We welcome proposals from artists working with print and photographic practice, digital installations, migratory and viral images, text, performance, video, web archives, apps, and other experimental media. We will also accept proposals from artists who would like to work collaboratively with another artist, with the bursary split between the artists. 

Edinburgh Printmakers is committed to developing and supporting contemporary art practice and critical debate around it. We are accepting proposals from artists at all stages of their development, and we are particularly interested in artists who want to experiment, innovate and extend their practice. 

Selected projects will have the ability to be carried out and distributed using formats that can be well-documented, shareable, and accessible to a diverse range of audiences of different ages, gender, cultural diversity, socio economic backgrounds, and ability. 

The artists will be selected by the Edinburgh Printmakers Programme team and guest selectors Mark Daniels and Louise Thornton

Mark Daniels is an Edinburgh-based curator and producer. He is the Executive Director of New Media Scotland and Chair of the Alt-w Fund. He was made an Honorary Fellow of Edinburgh College of Art in 2017. 

Louise Thornton is a commissioning producer at the BBC, specialising in developing new talent and digital platforms for BBC Scotland, including Player and BBC Sounds.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 30th June 10am 

To find out more and apply click here

Pictured: Time Gun Map of Edinburgh (1861)
This map showcases the time taken for the sound of Edinburgh Castle's One O’Clock Gun to travel across Edinburgh. Created by Piazzi Smyth and Mr Hislop, who worried the townspeople may set their clocks wrong due to the delay of the gun’s sound, the ‘Time Gun Map’ was published in 1861 and 1862. While we now rely on a national time service to set our clocks right, the gun remains a significant spectacle, attracting both locals and tourists alike. Visible in the segment above is the site of our home at Castle Mills in the city's Fountainbridge area.