Edinburgh Printmakers is a lively and thriving visual arts organization based in the City Centre housing a gallery and artists printmaking studio. We specialize in printmaking and are proud to be amongst the best in the world for publishing contemporary fine art prints.

We want to share our passion for visual art in the medium of printmaking with our community and we do this by providing educational experiences that can be gallery or studio based, or both! Engagement with art enriches our experience of life in many ways. By developing children’s art experience directly in discovery; looking and seeing, listening and discussing, experimenting with processes and the use of different materials, we extend their creative confidence, their visual vocabulary and offer substantial opportunities for cross curricular learning.

What We Offer Schools

Guided Gallery Tours offer an informative insight into the current exhibition. Pupils are encouraged to engage with the works of art through investigation, activities and discussion. Teachers will be sent information prior to the visit detailing background information and possible discussion topics. For dates and times please contact us.
Costs are:
£40 – basic gallery tour  - 30 mins

£60 - gallery tour and structured activity session – 1 ½ hrs

Studio Based Workshops are offered to schools at discounted rates. The workshops are led by artists in our fully equipped studio, designed to inspire confidence and develop creativity.  The workshops can be tailored to link with the curriculum and they can last from 2hrs to half a day.
Costs are:
£40 – Studio tour & demonstration, upto 30 students - 30mins
£180 – 3hr workshop per 6-8 students, max 20 at one time.

Classroom Based Etching and Screenprinting can’t come to us, let us bring printmaking to you. We can provide a tutor, materials and portable presses and screens for a classroom based workshop.
Cost: £100 per 2hr session–max 15 students per session screenprinting, 6 etching

CPD training workshops across the four printmaking areas of Screenprinting, Lithography, Relief and Etching are offered to teachers at a discounted rate with advice given on how to transfer the skills learned at the workshop into the classroom.
Costs: £108 – 3hr session – dates and times variable according to demand

To book your visit please telephone the Administrator on 0131 557 2479 or email info@edinburgh-prinmakers.co.uk