Social Montage: Speak-Act-Print-Publish!

Date: 15 June - 14 July 2019

Time: Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm

Price: Free

Gallery 2

The Partisan Social Club at Edinburgh Printmakers

PSC’s project at Edinburgh Printmakers explores the potential of ‘Social Montage’ and ‘Public Print’. Taking both Giorgio Agamben’s articulation of the apparatus and Kristin Ross’ recent book ‘The ZAD and NoTAV’, as a starting point, the PSC aim to experiment with ideas and enact propositions for the future of a brownfield site in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh­­.

The Partisan Social Club (PSC) was initiated by Andy Hewitt and Mel Jordan, formerly of the Freee Art Collective, and takes different formations for each new project. The PSC aims to create new political groups and alternative models of working together.

Image credit: Social Montage: Speak-Act-Print-Publish!, Documentation (Slogan-box mash-up), Partisan Social Club, 2019 | Photograph: Andy Hewitt | With thanks to: Kate Davis, Lorenzo Robertson, Madeleine Wood, Jack Whitelock.


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