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Photo-Etching Summer School

Full Price: £260 / £210 concession

Over this three day course we will use Photec, a photopolymer film that can be adhered to a metal plate, exposed to a positive artwork on acetate, and developed in such a way that it can produce accurate photographic acid resist. This then allows a photographic or hand drawn image to be etched into a copper plate.

The real advantage of this is that the photo- etched image, once bitten into the surface of the plate can be further worked into using traditional etching techniques. This three day course will allow time for further hand manipulation of the photo-etched image using drawn and painterly etching processes.

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  • 27 - 29 July 2019

Time: Saturday, Sunday & Monday 10.15am - 5.30pm

Class size: 8

Materials: Included

Tutor: Jessica Crisp

Course Level: 3 star, Intermediate

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More about the course

During the course participants will prepare their artwork digitally to be printed onto acetate and produce and print one photo etching plate on copper, they will also learn how to apply aquatint which can help to strengthen photo etching images. The size of the plates will be 152 x 203mm (6 X 8 inches)

  • Introduction and overview of the process
  • Looking at print examples
  • Plate preparation
  • Preparation of digital artwork for photo etching
  • Application of Photec onto a copper plate
  • Exposing plates
  • Developing plates
  • Etching copper plates
  • Application of aquatint and safe use of aquatint booth
  • Paper preparation
  • Inking up the plate and printing, safe use of the press
  • Clearing up after printing
  • Introduction to studio practice and working in the studio after the course