Concessions are given to: students; unemployed persons, senior citizens, and disabled persons. To book as a concession you must provide proof of status.
Unless otherwise stated, courses are for persons aged 16 or over.

Course level
Some courses require previous printmaking experience. Please ensure that the course you have booked is suited to your level of experience.  Edinburgh Printmakers accept no responsibility from any issues arising from booking on a course which is too advanced for the course attendee.

Reservations for courses are only available for participants from educational institutions and / or those who are seeking funding from third parties for course expenses. A reservation can be held for a maximum of one month prior to the course start date.

Occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control EP may have to cancel courses and we reserve the right to do so with a minimum of one weeks notice prior to the start date. Full refunds will be given for any courses cancelled by EP.

Terms and conditions for refunds
For cancellation by course participants, full refunds will be given to those cancelling one month prior to the course start date. If cancellation notice is given two weeks prior to the course start date EP can only guarantee to refund 50% of the original cost of the course. No refund can be guaranteed if less notice is given. In this instance EP course fees may be refunded at EP’s discretion, only if we are able to fill your place. To help us do this it is important to let us know as soon as possible that you will be unable to attend.

Transferring to another course or course date
Should course participants wish to transfer to another course or course date, the same terms apply as for cancellation of the original course booked. i.e free transfer to another course can only be guaranteed for those transferring one month prior to the course dates. Within a shorter timescale, we can only permit a free transfer from course to course, once we have been able to fill the place remaining on the course. This is at EP's discretion and is only if we are able to fill your place.

Course attendance
Course participants must attend the full course (or every evening of an evening class) in order to use the course as an access course. Wherever any absence is anticipated participants should let the tutor know in advance. In particular if participants are unable to attend the first section of a course they will need to arrange for 1-1 tuition with the course tutor to ensure that they are able to continue on the course. 1-1 tuition is charged at £36 per hour and must be arranged with the course tutor. No refunds can be given for failed attendance due to sickness or external circumstances.

Associate Membership
Complete a full weekend or evening class and you can apply for a free 3 month associate membership. This gives you access to follow-up sessions and training to get you started in the studio. Free associate membership begins immediately after the course and cannot be deferred or delayed.