by Louise Wilde

Louise Wilde

Artists Statement

As a practising artist I strongly believe that observational drawing plays a vital role in the creative process and is a fundamental tool. The concept that 'to learn to draw, you have to learn to see' is something I feel very strongly about, and I embed this approach into my practice.

My particular interest as an observational artist lies within the animate form – in attempting to capture motion, movement, gesture and expression, through drawn marks. I am fascinated by the possibilities of a moving image captured within one single frame – a frozen point in time which carries the weight of a drama played out or about to be played out.


Since graduating from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Animation Direction, I have worked on numerous animated projects, directed several short films, undertaken a PGCE and completed The Drawing Year MA-level programme at the Royal Drawing School. Alongside my own practice in fine art and the moving image, I am a drawing and animation workshop tutor and have taught at venues including the Royal College of Art, National Gallery, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Natural History Museum, British Museum, Imperial College, Hampstead School of Art and the Royal Drawing School in London and The Writers’ Museum and City Art Centre in Edinburgh.


Work by Louise Wilde