At the end of the old train line

by Cecile Simonis

Cecile Simonis

Drawing is an essential part of my work. It allows me to create images that mix observations and imaginary elements.  My work invites the viewer in, and allows them to imagine and make up stories.
I have always been interested in graphic novels, cinema and photography: the mediums that link image-making and storytelling.
I aim to create work that allows everyone's imagination to wander and gives freedom of interpretation.
A recurrent theme in my work is travel. I am fascinated in the observation of feelings and reactions we have when we are far away from the places we know, from the environment we are comfortable in, and when all we can rely on is ourselves.

I like changing mediums and using which ever technique suits the image I want to create.
I use cyanotype regularly for the mood its blue gives to the scene and because it allows me to create collages mixing my drawings with photographic elements, historical maps, words, etc.


Cécile Simonis was born in 1984 in Belgium. She studied illustration in ESA Saint-Luc Liege and Ecole Superieure des Arts de la ville de Liege in Belgium, and is graduated as an Art teacher. During this period she also learned some painting techniques in the Accademia di Belle Arti of Perugia, Italy, where she spent several months as a student.
She moved to Edinburgh in 2011 where she embarked on an internship at Edinburgh Printmakers and learnt about many diverse printmaking techniques. ??She has been a teacher in different schools in Belgium and Montreal (Canada) where she worked during several months in 2013. She now lives and works in Edinburgh.

Work by Cecile Simonis

The Loch

The Loch

£250.00 by Cecile Simonis