Edinburgh Printmakers’ mission is to support artistic excellence in the medium of print through inspiration, education, innovation and facilitation. We work at the cutting edge of contemporary visual art, producing critically acclaimed and engaging artwork that is key to the cultural life of Scotland.

For over 50 years Edinburgh Printmakers has supported artists to expand the practice of fine art printmaking. At the heart of our business is the provision of a printmaking studio, a place where artists share knowledge, expertise and creativity, researching and developing excitingly fresh artwork in print. Our artist users produce wonderfully original, engaging visual arts experiences that travel to hundreds of venues throughout the UK and abroad every year benefiting the lives of thousands of gallery visitors.

Artists and customers choose Edinburgh Printmakers because we have established a reputation for excellence and innovation in printmaking and are world leaders in this field.

Artists continue to use Edinburgh Printmakers because the quality of our services is consistently high and the environment is well designed to meet their needs.

Edinburgh Printmakers is also the home of one of the UK's leading contemporary art spaces with year round exhibitions and associated events that showcase the very best artwork from the world of contemporary art in print. We regularly commission, publish and exhibit new and exciting work by some of the most talented artists in Scotland.

We love printmaking and know you will too, you don’t have to be an artist to get involved, so join us, there’s lots for visitors in our programme, you can come and see our latest exhibition or take a course in printmaking, you can come to an art lecture or artist talk or simply visit our gallery shop for an unparalleled choice of original fine art prints and artist multiples.

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