Quality management

Last year you asked that we consider a number of ways to improve our services and your experience of Edinburgh Printmakers galleries and shop. We want to show you how we responded in the last 12 months.

You asked us to work towards improving our Marketing
Our response:

  • We have a new e-commerce website that enables us to promote our exhibitions and events in a more accessible way.
  • We now produce 5000 gallery and events brochures twice annually and distribute them throughout the city.
  • In the last year we have increased our Twitter followers from 155 to 588.
  • In the last year we have increased our Facebook followers from 1485 to 2180.
  • In the last year we have increased our LinkedIn connections from 0 to 379.
  • We have set up a YouTube Channel and currently screens 5 videos from this channel.
  • We devise a niche marketing campaign for each exhibition and event.
  • We have recruited a Marketing Assistant and a Marketing Intern.
  • Our visitor attendance figures for exhibitions has increased by 24% since our Marketing Assistant came in post.
  • Our attendance figures for gallery events has increased by 395% since our Marketing Assistant came in post.
  • Our Press visibility has increased by 44% since our Marketing Assistant came in post.
  • Our column cm have increased by 362% in the last year since our Marketing Assistant came in post.
  • We have a new direct email marketing system that has a much more user friendly.
  • We now do all our design work in house so we have a consistent house style.


You asked that we create a more welcoming atmosphere in the shop and galleries
Our response:

  • We have expanded our staff team and we now have more front of house staff on duty than ever before.
  • We have created a new reception area with a new desk.
  • We have improved front of house staff customer services training.
  • We now provide a seating area in the upstairs galleries with reference books and interpretation information.
  • We provide more seating at events.


You asked that we improve interpretation - our artists and printmaking processes
Our response:

  • We have created a ‘Visitors Guide’ that is now available in the shop and gallery to aid and enhance the visitor experience.
  • We secured external funding to commission and broadcast a series of films demonstrating each printmaking processes that are/will be accessible to our audiences via our website, YouTube channel and Vimeo.  
  • We secured external funding to commission and broadcast a series of films of our lecture and events programme that will be accessible to our audiences via our website, YouTube channel and Vimeo.
  • We have created a dedicated ‘Artists’ section on our new website with a page of information about each artist.


You asked that we refresh our shop and gallery stock more often
Our response: 

  • We have introduced a shorter turn around for shop displays.
  • We now take framed prints on consignment from our members for display in the shop.
  • We have created new display areas in the shop.
  • We pre wrap many more prints on display than we did a year ago.
  • We have increased the number of new artists supplying stock for our shop and galleries in the last year.
  • We have rebranded the signage in the shop.
  • We have refreshed the layout of the shop.


You asked us to stock prints at lower prices
Our response:

  • We have increased our stock of mini prints that are priced £50 or under.
  • We have created a display browser dedicated to prints priced at around £100.
  • We are in the process of colour coding our display browser sleeves holding prints to indicate different price ranges.

You asked us to host family and kids events in the galleries
Our response:

  • We have increased our in-house family and kids gallery events programme by 200% and our off site family events by 1800% in one year


You asked us to deliver a lecture programme in art history and printmaking
Our response:

  • We have programmed 12 lectures in the last year.


You asked that we tie our programme into local festivals
Our response:

  • We have participated in the Edinburgh Art Festival, The Fringe Festival, Traquair Fair, Festival of Spirituality and Peace, and coming up The Edinburgh Science Festival.


You asked that we have bigger more accessible premises 
Our response:

  • We are currently undergoing the first stage of a capital development project.
  • We had two trial periods of opening on Sundays in May and August this year. The result was visitor figures for the Sundays in May were very low and therefore not worth continuing.
  • The results for Sunday openings in August were much more positive. Whilst still not as high as the Saturday’s throughout August, there was at least 2-3 times as many visitors on Sundays throughout August as there were in May. Whilst sales were also poor on Sundays throughout August, we have decided to open on Sundays next year.


You asked for a smoother sales process
Our response:

  • We are in the process of updating our staff training in sales.
  • We have a new state of the art database and till.
  • We have relocated the till to the reception area on the ground floor to make it less confusing for customers.
  • We have implemented a mystery shopper programme to help us improve customer services.
  • We now have an online shop facility on our new website.
  • As a result the sales process is much smoother and less confusing and will continue to improve.


You asked that we have more prints displayed in other shops and venues
Our response:

  • We appointed a Retail and Field Sales Co-ordinator and consequently we have exhibited our members and published work in 4 other galleries, 5 Art fairs, and 6 Touring Exhibitions in the 12 months.


You asked that we encourage more group and school visits and community engagement
Our response:

  • We have organised 11 group visits in the last year compared to 5 in the year previously.
  • We have recently appointed an Audience Development Intern to start forging links with schools, the community and source funding and partnerships to develop community engagement projects.


You asked that we improve our artistic programme and deliver more gallery talks, workshops and themed exhibitions
Our response:

  • We have rewritten our artistic policy to support our vision “to be recognised as an international centre for excellence for artists’ printmaking, a vital and dynamic contemporary visual arts organisation key to culture in Scotland.”
  • We have delivered 4 themed exhibitions in the last 12 months.
  • We have delivered 21 gallery talks and gallery workshops in the last 12 months compared to 14 in the 12 months previously.


You asked for more internship opportunities
Our response:

  • The number of gallery interns and government funded Future Jobs Fund and Community Jobs Scotland posts we had in 10-11 was 7 and in the last 12 months this was increased to 23.