My Cat Knows What I'm Thinking

22 April - 15 July 2017

Time: Tues-Sat, 10am-6pm

Price: Free

My Cat Knows What I’m Thinking is a solo exhibition by London based artist Dr
Eric Great-Rex. The exhibition consists of nineteen handmade ceramic plates
plus four stone lithographic editions that have been published by Edinburgh
Printmakers. Great-Rex and EP have also collaborated on a multiple
commemorative ceramic plaque in celebration of EPs fiftieth anniversary.

Great-Rex has been involved with a diverse range of printmaking media and
practices for over forty years and has been working with ceramics for the last
fifteen. This exhibition at EP is the first time he has shown prints and ceramics
together. His work in both mediums draws on folk, outsider art and domestic
commemorative wares and samplers. He also employs similar strategies when
drawing onto clay or stone. He uses scraffito techniques to carve into the surface
of the clay while his prints are realised by drawing with tusche and crayon before
erasing and scratching back into the surface of the stone to reveal the image.

The title for this exhibition comes from Great-Rex talking to his cat about his day,
what worked, what worried him or what he found funny. How we use objects or
animals to process our inner thoughts can be both humorous and insightful. Eric
says: 'My plates could sit on mantelpieces or tabletops, nestled among household
collections of knick-knacks and memorabilia. I am interested in how we venerate
our daily lives and how we talk to ourselves in order to make sense and give
meaning to our experiences.'

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