Photec Masterclass with Leena Nammari

29 April 2017
Full Price: £85
Concessions: £65

Photec is a very thin photopolymer film that is applied to a degreased plate, using UV for exposure in a darkroom and developed in washing soda. The plate is not etched so no acid is involved, yet it is printed as an etching.

This is a very delicate process, and is relatively inexpensive to use, as the plate is reusable, and can be done in a few hours. Unlike the more expensive and durable Toyobo plate, this film produces a very low edition number (approximately 12 impressions if you are lucky).

The course focuses on understanding the technical intricacies of the processes: how to prepare images digitally, outputting the film/acetate, preparing the images, test stripping to obtain the best quality, and how to hand print them using a selection of papers, plus, how to trouble shoot when it all goes wrong.

Although the course will be of interest to all artists, it is particularly suitable for those working with photographic and digital imaging.